Our company specializes in manufacturing various wrought iron products: fences, staircase railings, gates and many other objects, including home and office decor, garden ornaments, and sculptures. We have 15 years of experience in creating exclusive wrought iron designs of any complexity, including railings and gates to match your interior and/or exterior.

Miran Elbakyan is our leading artist-blacksmith, a master of the ancient craft of wrought iron. In the age of industrial wholesale technologies, handmade wrought iron articles have become a refined and prestigious way of decorating your home or business. Unlike mass production, Miran’s metal creations are one-of-a-kind, suiting your personality and the needs and quirks of any available space. Introducing your interior and landscape to the fanciful beauty of wrought iron, Miran combines his contemporary ironwork with the ages-old traditions of handmade artistic forging. He brings to life any client’s wishes: from large-scale orders to small, exclusive wall ornaments, utilitarian objects and sculptures.

Besides wrought iron fences, staircase railings, and gates, we also make customized wrought iron furniture: tables, beds, benches, and the like; wrought iron gazebos; candle holders and candelabras, curtain rods, mirrors, and unique metal sculptures, and much more. Please visit our showroom, where we can discuss your future wrought iron projects.